We help hundreds of clients deliver on their people strategy.

Our consultants lead projects across the employee life cycle to drive change and produce results.  We’ve hand-selected proven leaders and teams with specific skills.  These are professional consultants who bring credibility and value via the new “gig” economy – so everyone wins!  hrQ’s consultant base is national and brings in-demand expertise in talent strategy.  Areas such as workforce planning, leadership development, executive coaching, compensation and building enterprise-wide systems and processes to fully wrap the employee life cycle.

You no longer need to hire individuals to get the right talent to complete key projects.  We’ll help you customize a plug-and-play solution with amazingly capable consultants to get your projects done.

Practice Areas
  • Strategic Talent Planning
  • Leadership
  • HR Projects
  • Organizational Development & Effectiveness

    When an organization needs to accomplish major change, our consultants assist through planned interventions, helping make structures and/or people more productive and effective.

    Strategic Planning & Facilitation

    We work with executive, divisional and HR teams to plan, facilitate and debrief for significant meetings, off-site events and strategy sessions.

    Workforce Planning

    We provide the analysis, tools and training to determine what companies need in terms of the size, type, experience and quality of workforce to achieve short- and long-term objectives.

  • Assessment

    We provide processes and tools to assess talent for pre-hire decisions, post-hire onboarding and assimilation, or internal promotion and development opportunities.

    Executive & High-Potential Coaching

    Our coaches have a practical, business-focused approach without any “fluff”. They work with executives and developing leaders to uncover blind spots, build new behaviors and assimilate into new roles.


    Whether you want to a customized program or someone to facilitate off-the-shelf content, we can provide instructional designers as well as dynamic presenters.

  • Compensation

    We help our clients create or ensure their overall compensation program attracts, motivates, rewards and retains talent and is aligned with strategic objectives.

    HR Systems & Process

    We can provide consultants who understand how foundational HR systems and processes are: whether you need a system implementation project manager or someone to create or review HR processes.


Case Study

Leadership Development Yields Widespread Benefits

Diamond Offshore Drilling is a global leader in the offshore drilling industry. As is common across its industry, Diamond Offshore’s management techniques were rooted in the past, and employees continued to rely on past behaviors and leadership skills they knew from years of moving up the ranks without formal leadership training.

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