Feb. 14

3 Talent Trends HR Shares with the Winter Olympics >

Ahhh.  The Olympics.  The beauty.  The drama.  The similarities to our work world. The 2018 Winter Olympics are just beginning, but the anticipation of great competition and hyper-sports analogies are in full blast.  And all the Tonya and Nancy memories.  Seems like just yesterday. Therefore, it’s only fitting to highlight the talent trends between our HR lives and the Olympic scene. The New Events:  PyeongChang will debut some new events – Mixed doubles curling (can’t…

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Jan. 24

hrQ and Revolution Advisors join forces >

Denver, Colo., Jan. 24, 2018: hrQ and Revolution Advisors announce today they have combined businesses forming one company. The human capital professional services firms will move forward operating under the hrQ banner and platform, led by managing partners Kha Le, Molly McCoy, Kathy Rapp and Brian Wilkerson. Combining the businesses integrates the human capital consulting strength of Revolution Advisors with the resourcing of HR professionals that hrQ is well known for. …

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Jan. 9

Why Resumes Need to Retire >

I spoke at a conference 5 years ago in which I declared, “resumes suck”.  The context was about over-inflated resumes filled with key words, and on the other side, employers who dismiss great talent based on a piece (or 10) of paper.  In short, resumes needed to be retired and replaced with a more dynamic way of matching talent with needs. Yet in 2018, we will still ask for traditional resumes, and…

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Feb. 13

HR’s Role in the “Future of Work” >

hrQ’s Chief People Strategy Forum was designed to guide CHROs through the emerging trends and disruptions in talent. This year-long program enlisted the help of thought leaders from around the country to explore some of the biggest drivers that are changing how we live, work and play including Virtual Reality and agile space, team and workforce design. Several of the CHROs who went through this experience have offered to share…

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Dec. 12

hrQ Ranked Among Colorado’s Top 250 Private Companies in 2017 >

DENVER (December 11, 2017) – ColoradoBIZ Magazine has named hrQ as one of Colorado’s Top 250 Private Companies by revenue in 2017. hrQ ranked 135th on the list, with 2016 revenue of $10.02 million.  hrQ attributes its growing revenue to increasing demand for top HR talent across multiple industries, and maintains a clear focus on helping clients achieve their goals by developing strong relationships. With offices in Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Dallas, Houston and San Francisco, hrQ provides organizations…

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Dec. 11

Events From 2017 That Will Make a Lasting Impact in the Workplace >

I love reading trend predictions, but also enjoy the thoughtful look-back.  Makes me wish I’d saved some of those workforce articles from the 9o’s.  Lotus Notes.  Personal Digital Assistants.  Beavis and Butthead.  Casual Fridays. While I don’t miss the drama over what “casual” Fridays vs. jeans Fridays meant, there is a nostalgia that gets me this time of year.  Perhaps it’s remembering when holiday parties didn’t require a legal statement or drug test the next day. …

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